She lights up an audiences with her amazing original songs, wit, and charm!

Besides being a singer-songwriter and author, Robin Hackett is a Speaker/Motivator/Influencer. She has led a unique life. Robin was the only daughter of a military family. She spent 8 years of her childhood in Europe, where she travelled extensively with her adventuresome parents. She lived in a small, German village before there was internet, and cellphones. It was during this time, she learned to play the guitar and discovered she could sing. At the age of fifteen, she travelled throughout Europe with 100 other American teens, performing Patriotic and Christian tunes - honing her craft as a performer. Upon returning to the United States. She was hit with immense culture shock when her father was stationed in Virginia in the seventies, thus began her journey of authenticity. She certainly was not any of the labels, or stereotypes that were thrust upon her. The realization that she couldn't really help where and how she was brought up, she stayed true to her upbringing and forged a life that was authentically hers - though not without immense inner turmoil, struggle and pain.


Robin attended Hamilton College, a small liberal arts college in Upstate New York. After graduation, she moved to

New York City, to pursue a career in the music. "Here I was, this Black girl playing the guitar and singing folk songs. At the time, the music business could only see my skin color and wanted me to switch my sound to RnB. That wasn't an innate style for me. I loved Joni Mitchell, and Janis Ian." In a world that wants to put each individual in a box and put a label on it, Robin wanted no part of it. She was compelled to follow her inner voice and inner calling. It could be no other way for her. We all must find our own inner voice and calling, and it may not look like what society might dictate.


Robin's life experiences and background, have called her to inspire and uplift others. She is a motivator and influencer in her heart and by design. To uplift others is one of her greatest joys. She has been sharing her songs and stories with audiences for many years. She lives in Colorado where she performs, teaches music, facilitates workshops, and speaks. What sets Robin Hackett apart from others and makes her presentation so unique? She inspires her audiences with a message as well as songs that would touch any heart!

What is that thing that calls you? That thing that keeps whispering in your ear. Perhaps it is your Heart's Desire -  the reason why you landed here on earth!

Heart's Desire

What is that thing that calls you? That thing that keeps whispering in your ear. Perhaps it is your Heart's Desire -  the reason why you landed here on earth!

Heart's Desire

Wouldn't it be wonderful to live in a world where we  practice making no assumptions about a person, no labels -at least not until we've talked to them, first! Um?


How do we practice the Art of Love?

Maybe thru Forgiveness, Non-Judgement, and Compassion, along with realizing, we are all a part of the One!

Unconditional Love?



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