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POSTED 11.3.22

AVAILABLE 11.20.22


Wilene Dunn of Dallas, Texas is a new up and coming songwriter. She told me she has about 60 songs written. But she doesn't play an instrument. The songs just pop in her head.

Well she came to me with one such song. She asked if I could help her tweak the lyrics, find the chords and arrange the song. I said, yes and then she asked me if I would record the song and I said yes to that as well.

Ther result is a fun and catchy country tune. I'm excited for you to hear it as is Wilene.

Posted 7.27.2021

Robin talks about how her song, Love is What We're Here For changed the course of her life.

I had been in an ongoing dilemma - totally self-created. I wondered if the muses had somehow deserted me. There had been no inner stirring to write. I had not written a song in months, maybe longer. But I had not shown up in order for my muses to work through me. I had only held the constant mantra, "OMG, what if I have written my last song and nothing else will ever come through me again."  Probably not a good mantra to have if you want to create.

One day I decided I must show up with guitar in hand and sit and wait for my muses to show up. While sitting, I said out loud to the universe, "What message does the world need now?"

Love is what we're here for came pouring out and was pretty much written within 25 minutes.

Anxious to record it, I took the song to the wonderful Tom Prasada-Rao - one of my favorite singer-songwriter, producer, arranger, composer...and friend. He added more lyrics and then masterfully recorded and sang on this song with me.

Sometimes a song comes through an artist with a lesson or idea that the artist may need to imbibe. The idea of Love and what that word means became my life's journey and practice. What is Love?  Not just romantic love, but universal Love - unconditional Love. How can I practice being Love? 

I am grateful for this mystery called life and love, but determined to practice demonstrating and discovering what it means to LOVE.

Love is what we're here for!ROBIN HACKETT .png

Posted 2.6.2021

The Creative YOU is Robin's latest book. Find out what it's all about.

CreativeYou-front-cover 2021.jpg

More than anything I love creativity and creating. It has been my life line since I was a little girl. It is my spiritual journey in this life. It is where I validate my reason for being. It is my calling.

This may not be the same for all of us, but you won't know unless you allow yourself this discovery.

I would love for you to know how fulfilling life can be when we allow ourselves the freedom to truly express our own unique form of creative expression. For me, it is writing songs, books, screenplays and singing? What is it for you?

Delve into The Creative YOU and find out. It will change your life.

Posted 2.6.2021

Read the review for Robin's song, The Best Day!

The Best Day Album Cover only.jpg

This is one of my most favorite songs that came through me and bassist Nick Nichelson. As musicians sometimes we don't have to work too hard on a song. It just comes through. 

This song for me is my break-up song with the music business - not music, but the business of music.

For many it will just seem like a break-up of any kind...

The best day is when I let you go

I put you down and turned you off like a radio

It was the best day, oh, the best day

The best day is when I put you down

Read a review by Stereo Stickman

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