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A dream come true… to

I am a singer/songwriter and have been for many years. It is all I want to do. I will not wake up tomorrow and decide to become an insurance agent or a high school teacher or anything else then what I am doing. But I am getting older and I have wanted this dream since I was a little girl. So I am on a gentle quest to create my dream the way that I have seen it since I was a girl. 

Can an older person (me) become a breakout new artist and win a Grammy in this current paradigm of the music business where if you’re young and talented we will sign you but if you are old and talented, it’s over for you. NOT.

So here is my journey. I am truly intending to keep making beautiful music but I do need a retirement fund and health insurance. Whether I get signed somewhere or I place a bunch of my songs in major movies and or TV shows, follow me on this journey.

My music is no joke…..

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