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Apocalypse/Transformation? - The Diary of Robin Hackett April, 4th, 2020


Coronavirus Cases: 278,960

Deaths: 7,445

Recovered: 12,593

I skipped a few days. I have been feeling out of sorts. Lots of situations happening in my life. When I first decided to write this diary, I thought I had to write something really profound each time, but I've decided I don't. It's a diary.

I have been walking everyday. It gives me time to gather my thoughts and better yet, to quiet my thoughts. Connecting with nature feels good. It definitely calms the SELF!

Last night, I did a live concert on Facebook. I have to admit, I was not filled with any kind of enthusiasm at all, but once I got on facebook and saw the number of people who were there for the concert, everything changed. It lit up my heart to see so many folks on there - to see their remarks, all the floating hearts and likes was beautiful. I felt so connected to everyone. I thought it would feel weird to sing in a room at my home with no audience, but it wasn't the case. I think I even felt more love and an overwhelming sense of love coming through that computer. Who knew? It was a beautiful hour. Thanks to all who came to the concert.

An hour before the concert, we found out that someone at my niece's ESSENTIAL job at Starbucks had come down with symptoms. The store was shut down. We immediately went into figuring out where to sequester her. She is in her bedroom, upstairs. No one is using the bathroom she is in. Thanks goodness we have quite a few bathrooms. What about those who only have one bathroom. It is a tricky thing. We put her food outside here door on a paper plate and a trash bag to throw her trash in. She loves coffee so we delivered that to her but we are not supposed to collect the cup afterwards. My nephew wiped down all the handles she had possible touched. My mom pulled out her sewing machine and made a couple of masks. My niece is wearing one right now. Who could have ever imagined this in real time. I couldn't.

Well the day is just beginning. Just watched an ad for Groundhog Day about how we are living that movie day after day. Yes, kind of. That would be true if we woke up to no more deaths and no more cases. Not so.

I will try and keep my political opinions out of these writings, but I do have opinions on how some folks in the government are responding. I will leave it at that.

We are sheltered in place until at least April 30th. I was told by a friend that Dallas county just extended that until May 20th. I don't know what to say!

Suggested Movie - Self Made with Octavia Spencer - A Netflix original

Suggested TV Show - Green Acres (if you want silly fun and laughter

Be safe, Be mindful, Be aware, Be love.

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