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Apocalypse/Transformation The Diary of Robin Hackett Sunday, March 29th - Coming home to Texas!

Global cases - 669,310

Global deaths - 30,992

United States cases - 124,686

The sun and the sky look beautiful this morning. Everything is green and blooming. It reminds me how much I love springtime in Texas. I drove from Colorado, where I reside, to Texas to be around my family and mostly around my 85 year old mother who has been spending her days alone. She lives with my niece and nephew who still have essential jobs. Last week in Colorado, we were ordered to "Shelter in Place" which meant I could no longer go to my job and teach. I am a music teacher, so last week was my first week of teaching lessons online. I realized I could teach lessons from anywhere in the world, so I came home to be with my mom.

My dog Gilligan, unaware of what's happening in the world, lies in his cozy bed, sleeping. I just fed him - his happy place. Believe it or not, he reminds me of simplicity and wakes me up to joy when I can sometimes go down the dark rabbit hole.

The first few days of Shelter in Place ( which is a scary phrase) had me off kilter and wandering around my home, not sure what to do with myself. A little bit of sadness would creep in when I would watch the news. Many folks don't believe in watching the news because it can cause sadness. I, on the other hand like to be informed. When I've had enough, I will turn it off.

The drive to Texas was eerie. It reminded me of movies I saw as a little girl where someone would wake up and realize they were the only person left on earth. I drove thru Capulin National Monument Park in New Mexico and I was really out there on my own. It was beautiful, but desolate and no phone coverage. So I drove with my thoughts - a dangerous place to be sometimes. To be on a road where there is no one behind you or in front of you - weird! I've driven this trip many times and the roads are usually very busy. People are taking the shelter in place seriously and that is a good thing, I thought to myself. I pulled up into a gas station, walked in and bought some water. I asked the cashier how things were going and she said it was slow and that this time of year it is normally super busy. I was the only customer. I needed to use the bathroom but before I went, the cashier pointed to the toilet paper roll on the counter and told me to take what I needed. The rationing of toilet paper - wow!

I never drive straight through from Colorado to Texas. It is a 12 hour trip, but I was fearful to stop at a hotel. Who knew who had slept in the bed that I would sleep in - no can do. So, like a road warrior, I stopped every 3 hours, walked my dog, went to bathroom and got gas when I needed to. I protected myself the best I could with a Tupperware container filled with bleach, soap, and water. I dropped a rag in there. I touched handles and the gas pump with that rag each time I stopped and then dropped it back in the bleach concoction. What a way to live! My hands feel like sand paper. Lotion to the rescue, please!

Saw a man pumping gas with plastic gloves. Where ever I stopped, people were extra friendly, mostly. A woman flipped me off on the highway and I have to say I was surprised because I thought we all were being friendly during this time. Besides, she was in the wrong. LOL

Some people are taking the Shelter in Place seriously, others are totally freaked out, and others are not taking it seriously at all.

In this age of the internet, lots of folks are getting creative with their time and I have seen some super funny things. I myself have been doing facebook live, singing songs. It is what I do. Others are sharing what they are cooking in the kitchen. Many people are putting up inspirational quotes.

Overall, at least in my world, most are thinking, despite the death that is happening, it is a global wakeup call. I too lean in this direction. There is more happening than the obvious and more heart goes out to those who are suffering and have suffered. But, we have been living in a society where are values are distorted. We are all on the run, on the go, goal setting, filled with busyness, trying to be the next best, the next biggest whatever it is (I am guilty as well) Well, Coronavirus is causing us to stop, settle down, simplify, create, become aware, read, garden, look after your neighbor, be with your family, appreciate this life, be grateful and LOVE.

I'll leave you with a thought that popped into my mind the other night while watching the news.

"The world used to feel so big, and so separated before the virus, and now it seems like a

small town community, somehow. The whole world, together has a common goal - to fight and beat this virus."

"Imagine all the people, sharing all the World" - John Lennon.

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