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Brain Shift and Smile!

It is so very easy in this day and age to fall into cynicism and negativity. For me that is not a good idea, yet it can easily catch me off guard and I am quickly falling down that dread-full rabbit hole. It mostly happens while I am lying in bed in the morning. There is always that period when I am not quite ready to get out of bed and my mind starts it’s ramble of what-ifs, why-nots, coulda-shoulda and so on. You know the scene.

A few years ago one of my student’s gave me a big wall hanging. I recently re-organized my bedroom and I put this wall hanging on the wall next to my bed. It is a wall hanging with phrase like..Dream Big, Forgive, let go, never give up, laugh a lot etc….When I first got the wall hanging I read it and loved it but have not consciously looked at it until today while I was laying in bed and starting to feel sorry for myself. I turned and my eyes fell upon it and I started reading all of the phrases. Attitude shift-immediate! So then I got up and wrote in my journal about every wonderful thing I am grateful about(and there’s a lot). Brain Shift and smile.

Last night before I fell asleep I was reading Joe Vitale’s book The Attractor Factor and he was talking about the short cut to having a life filled with what you desire. He said the short cut is to be Happy Now! Which if you do what Oprah says and have a gratitude journal for everyday you’ll begin to be in gratitude which leads to happy which leaves the heart open to receive and attract wonder-full things. Brain Shift and Smile. Have a great day!

Robin Hackett is a singer, songwriter, author, and teacher. Check out her website at She is currently recording a new cd. If you would like to contribute to the recording and marketing of that cd go to THE ATTRACTOR FACTOR

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