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Our emotions, thoughts and feelings can be as fickle as the weather in North Texas.

This morning I woke up with thoughts regarding a loved one. I was experiencing a challenging time in that relationship.

My emotions about it were felt like dark, droopy clouds frozen in the sky.

I sat for meditation and decided to observe those clouds and just let them be - to allow and open to them. But then a few thoughts came in...

  1. How Can I be of Service Today?

  2. Focus my thoughts on how I want that relationship to look like

  3. What can I give instead of trying to get something

  4. Am I going to identify with clouds or sunshine today?

My insides flipped. Those dark, droopy hopeless clouds turned into light and possibility and gratitude.

Changing your thinking is not always so easy - it's a practice.

Love to everyone.

My latest song I Think Tequila Makes Me Sad is available now on ITunes and Spotify and everywhere for that matter.

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