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Compelled, called…and curious

I have been listening to all kinds of videos today on creativity. I am compelled. I am curious.

Does creativity delight you? You can’t get enough of it?

Okay…good. Be delighted! Delight yourself and then delight yourself again.

Both of my books were written “through” me. I was the vessel where my book landed. I truly just showed up and the characters showed up along with the plot. I was compelled to write both of these books. Didn’t expect to write books, but one day my muse whispered in my ear and said write. So I did and I kept doing it.

I would get lost in it. I remember days of writing for at least twelve hours. From sun up to sun down and beyond. Um? It felt so great! It FEELS so great!

I am curious these days about the creative process…my creative process. I am just going to continue with that. It fascinates me to look for the jewels in creativity. I am compelled to look for jewels of creativity.

So… I am delighting myself.

Follow your creative voice, and not your fearful voice. Yeah, I’m talking to you, but more so I’m talking to me.

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