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Day 2 – A room with a view

I have taken on this challenge. It is Day 2 for me because the challenges are posted too late in the day for me. I have left my house by the time challenge is put up. I have stayed away from writing challenges such as this one because there is a fear so strong that I can’t produce, that it won’t be good enough and that I won’t succeed. So I have been sitting here staring at the computer, reading other people’s assignments, looking at artwork and yet I come back to this page with nothing. I have travelled a great deal of my life and yet I seem to draw a blank about all the beauty I have seen looking out windows of hotels or flats that I have stayed in. I am actually at a loss for this assignment so t thought I would write about how I am feeling…..overwhelmed, a feeling of “I knew you couldn’t do this, a failure, some sadness that I can’t get going on this, gloom and doom because it has been an ongoing pattern in my life, fear that I will never overcome this start and stop pattern, thoughts that I a unimaginative and not really a good writer at all.

I am sittin in my most favorite overstuffed chair. It is large and pretty much takes over any room no matter what the size is. I found it in a second-home furnishing store. I love it. It actually envelopes the entire body. It is a golden color and it invites all to sit and relax and get lost. As I am sitting in my office, this chair sits diagonally across from the only window there is in my office. The window is simply decorated with sheer cream colored drapes with vertical rows of sage green vines going up and down the length of the curtains from top to bottom. The window is about  6 feet from top to bottom and maybe 4 feet wide. The thick white blinds hang horizontally in contrast to the decorative vertical vines of the curtains. There are blinds. They are white and thick. The curtains are hanging from a brown curtain rod with medium sized balls on either end. In the middle of the rod I have placed a window hanging with 3 glass candle holders evenly spaced out from one another and hanging right down the center of the window. The candle holders are held in place with thin wire from top to bottom with a hook on the top so that it can hang. The candle holders are pinkish red, island blue, and  canary yellow. Each holder possesses only 1 color. So simple, but to me beautiful. Right outside the window stands one tree swaying in the wind set against a blue Texas sky. Some days it sits there quietly and other days it can’t stop moving. Swaying with enthusiasm. My office is on the second floor of my house and beyond the tree are rows and rows of rooftops. Immediately out the window is part of my roof and if I dare to open the window, I could step right out on that roof, but I haven’t the courage. 

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