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Dedicated and compelled

You would not believe the number of talented musical artists I know that are more than amazing. We are all older and we are all still doing this MUSIC thing. We can’t help it. We are compelled to pour our hearts into another song, another album. We all started out young and wanting to have a career and be abundantly compensated for what we do, but the years went by so fast, we didn’t realize it.

Please know that our fans (you) think we are incredible but we are constantly asked to perform for free. Our culture loves the arts but if you are not famous for what you do, people say “Oh my gosh I love your music, your voice..would you play at my restaurant……Oh we don’t have a budget for music but you will get exposure”.  I always ask, “Do the waiters, waitresses, cooks, and hostess work here for free? What is that that you would ask folks who have been working on their craft for many years to play for free. But if tomorrow any of us turned up famous, suddenly one would pay $50-$150 to see us in concert. Just sayin…….

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