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I Think Tequila Makes Me Sad - Release Date, November 20th


I'm actually really excited about this song because it came to me in such an out of the blue way. My friend Wilene Dunn is a songwriter. She doesn't sing or play an instrument but she has a library of songs that run through her mind.

One day after not seeing her for a couple of years, she asked me if I could help her flesh out a tune she had written. She kind of had a melody, but no chords and no bridge or arrangement.

She came to my house one day and we fleshed it all out. Then she asked me to record it and I thought, why not?

The sad part is, I took it to my producer friend Giampiero Scuderi and asked him to to produce it for me which he has done a quite a bit of my tunes. He did produce the track but he was sick the whole time.

He passed away in April of this year very unexpectedly. Besides being a friend, he was one of the most talented musicians I have ever met. I miss him, madly.

Enjoy and taste every morsel of life you can.

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