Each morning when I wake up I must get on about the business of resetting my internal thermostat. Each morning I get to dream again about what possibilities are there in store for me for the new day. Our minds can get locked into a way of being that we don’t even realize what is possible. It takes stepping outside of our own pre-made box of limitating thoughts to open up to childlike imagination and curiosity.

For me it takes a bit of meditating, a bit of reading from an author who stepped way outside their box, a walk around the block, or some chattin with a friend who sees me differently than I see me.

It is like Oprah’s ‘aha moments”. A veil that has been blinding my eye sight is pulled away from my eyes and I begin to see a whole new glorious world.

I begin to talk one step, and then another step, and then another, and finally I am in a new current and a new flow. It is glorious fun.

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