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Staying in the flow

I have not blogged in a couple of weeks. I have been in a space of noting that the “flow” can look very different. I thought it was going to look one way and over the last few weeks I hit a stumbling block, purely made of my own doing. I kept trying to push in a certain direction because that is what I “thought” I was supposed to do, but my heart was not in it and I kept hitting up against a bunch of walls. In the last few days I finally decided to give in to what might be present or wanting to present itself. So I forced nothing at all. I did some housework, watched tv, and just followed what was next. Where I was led to, was the writing of lyrics. I have not written lyrics by myself, for myself in awhile. I have been writing with other people and that’s a different energy. 

To finally sit and write for myself was wonderful and joyous. So the flow may not always have to do with what we think it has to do. The flow twists and turns and how nice is that!

Blessings   – my book

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