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The Best Day!

April 14th at Tupps Brewery in Mckinney, Texas. Big thanks to Deanie Deal (Event Producer) for your heart. Scott Moody (Music Director, keys, vocals, Charlie Pride, TG Sheppard) for your professionalism and amazing talent, John Martinez (Drummer, TG Shepphard, Chuck Rainey), Milo Deering (Mandolin, Cello, Fiddle, Guitar, The Eagles, Leann Rimes.), Aden Bubeck (Bass, TG Shepphard, Miranda Lambert), Wes Taylor (Guitar, TG Shepphard, David Allan Coe) BIG THANKS to you all. I had an amazing time performing with such an amazing team. Justine Wollaston, Theresa Arnold, Shelley Justine, so thrilled to know you all. North Texas Coalition Against Human Trafficking. Everyone, please become aware of what's happening around us with human trafficking.

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