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The Creative YOU - Feed it and it will grow

I am a writer. I write songs, books and screenplays. Everyday I tend to one or the other. When I write every morning, I am feeding my creativity. I am also putting my muse on notice that I am willing to show up, listen, and write. Sometimes I read works by others; a poem, a play, lyrics from my favorite artists, or listen to a great piece of music. If I don't feed my creativity, nothing can grow. But, if I feed it a little bit everyday, something is bound to happen; a poem, a book, a painting, or a screenplay. The other benefits are fulfillment, happiness and satisfaction. What a great way to start the day!

What do you do to feed your creativity? How do you feel when you do feed and nurture its growth? Subscribe to my blog or sign up for my email list.

The Creative YOU book by Robin Hackett - available December 16th.

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