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Walk toward the LIGHT in you!

I feel the kiss upon my lips that explodes into a thousand words the kiss of the divine so luscious and sweet I cannot catch all she has to say moving fast and talking about beauty and love and light and god and the heart of the matter I looked in the mirror and I saw you standing behind me caressing my soul and I gasped at your beauty and your golden shine on I looked in the mirror and I saw you reflecting me and me reflecting you and I thought Is this really true and you nodded yes before I could finish my question You nodded a devoted yes that resounded inside of me like church bells ringing when wedding vows have been exchanged and he said you may kiss the bride for better or for worse for richer or for poorer In sickness and in health you said I will love you my divine child, creation of the most high Take my hand and let us walk and walk and walk I will show you the meaning of love and delight and I said YES.............

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