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Way to start the day

I lay in bed this morning in between covers and thoughts of laying in bed for 5 more minutes or getting up. It is always a tricky time for me because in those 5 minutes the mind starts chatting about all it’s perceived ideas of what is not going right, what needs to be done, what hasn’t been done and the dread of it all.  But this morning I was able to check it and switch directions and go another way. I redirected my mind to all that is good in my life right now and all that is possible. Instead of dread for the day, I spend the five minutes in wonder about what beauty and fun and joy could happen today. I realized that I am literally surrounded by the spirit of God all around me because there is nothing in this world that did not come from God’s creating. My bed, sheets, pillows, blankets, my house, coffee, my car, my furniture. All God creations through human expression. That is mind boggling to me and wonderful to know that I am cradled in the presence of God all the time no matter where I am. Wow. What a way to start the day! Smiles.

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