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In 2003, I made a decision to leave New York City after living here for twenty years. I wanted to see what it might be like to live somewhere else as an adult. I had only lived in New York since graduating from college.  On a Sunday afternoon, in the midst of making the decision to move, something called me to my computer. It kept nudging me at me. I listened and a story started to create itself. I have always been a songwriter and never imagined myself as a fiction writer. But 4 hours later I had the beginning of my first novel, Didn't See that Coming! It took me 13 years to write that book because I kept starting and stopping - believing I wasn't that kind of writer. 

Now, it is four books later. Am I some big sensation? No, but I love the process of writing. It makes me so happy. Recently, in the past 5 years I became interested in screenwriting. This past summer I finished my first screenplay. Yay! Took a long time but once again it fulfills my desire to write and to create. My books and screenplay, like my music are about the human condition, conflict, spirituality, seeking, redemption and love.

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